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Macon and Catherine are an absolute blast… They are our favorite two doctors. We knew their wedding would be amazing as soon as we met them. Catherine’s genuine warmth and friendliness is apparent as soon as you meet her and Macon’s sincere fun loving attitude makes them a wonderful couple to be around. It is so apparent that their love for Jesus Christ will guide them in their marriage. We are so excited for them.

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Wedding Filmmaker | Like The River Films
Photography | Ben Bender
Ceremony & Reception Venue | Great Hall @ Cama Beach State Park, Camano Island
Floral | The Braid maids Creations
Cake | Skagit Valley Food Co-op
Catering | Cama Beach Cafe
Menswear | Men’s Wearhouse.

The Gear We Use For This Wedding:
Canon 5DmarkIII —
Canon C100 —
Canon 70D —
Canon 70-200 2.8 ii —
Canon 70-200 4 —
Canon 50mm 1.2 —
Canon 24mm 1.4 —
Canon 24-70 2.8 —
Canon 100mm 2.8 IS —
Manfrotto 535 tripod –
Manfrotto MT290XTC3US tripod —
Manfrotto MT055CXPRO4 tripod —
Manfrotto 502HD head —
Manfrotto MVH500AH head —
Joby Gorillapod —
Tascam DR10L –
Countryman B3 Lavalier Mic black —
Countryman B3 Lavalier Mic white —
Tascam DR100 —
Zoom H2n —
Rode VideoMic —
Manfrotto case —
Think TANK —

Question: Do I need a Wedding Videographer

Question: Do I need a Wedding Videographer

When it comes to wedding videographers, the question still seems to be should we even have a wedding videographer at all? And in my mind, the answer is always… it depends. If there any question that you might want to watch your wedding video on your tenth anniversary, or show it to your granddaughter on her wedding night then you got to book someone. If your wedding feels like an evanescent thing that you don’t quite want to be captured, that’s cool too.

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If you’ve decided you’re all in for a videographer, you’ll quickly find that figuring out how to book us can be a whole other thing. You need to figure out what kind of style of videography you want (Super 8 video? Documentary style video?). Then you need to find a video company that you like, and make sure they’ll their style will work well with your wedding photographer. That will make both of our finished work awesome!!

So here is a quick wedding Videographer 101 course, complete with suggested questions for the videographer you do find.

Blog post April 1, 2018 (9 of 12)How to book a videographer 101:

Book early: For whatever reason, videographers tend to fall toward the end of most people’s wedding to-do list. Maybe you’re not sure you want a videographer, or you didn’t think about it, or you have a more room in your budget then you thought, and you decide to spring for it: that’s all fine. But if you know you want to film your wedding day from the beginning, you want to treat videography the same way many treat photography especially if you have a popular wedding date like 8/8/2018 or 9/9/2019. Assume that you need to lock your person in place ASAP, and prioritize the videography in your budget from the beginning. (That said, if you do find some money at the end of the process, feel free to book someone last minute.)

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Shop around: Whenever you decide it makes sense to research multiple videographers in your area. Wedding videographers are just like wedding photographers in that there are multitudes of styles, tastes, and wedding packages out there, and it’s as important that you hire a videographer whose style you like. I would ask your photographer for suggestions: I can’t emphasize this enough. There are a handful of types of vendors who interact with one another a whole bunch, and it’s invaluable to inquire with each if they have vendors they recommend. For example, a DJ with spotty red lights can wreck a natural light photographer’s workflow, just as a photographer who relies heavily on a red auto-focus dot can mess with your video. If your photographer recommends a videographer, they’ve worked with, definitely take their suggestion seriously and set up a chat. But if you want to have your wedding day filmed and your photographer doesn’t have a recommendation then ask them what style of videographer do they enjoy working with and search for that company. At the very least, you’ll know they work together well.

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How to book a videographer: questions & answers

You’re going to want to come to your meetings prepared—with working knowledge of the videographer’s style, your own preferences, and a whole bunch of questions. Suggestions:

Will you be the one filming my wedding? This question is a super relevant question because of—surprise!—sometimes the person you meet is not the person who shows up at your wedding. Always double check and find out if your videographer has a team, works solo, or something in between.

Have you shot at this venue before? Whether or not your videographer has worked at your venue previously shouldn’t be a dealbreaker, but you do want to inquire. If they have, that is excellent news! They’ll know where the weird angles are, and where the bad lighting is. If not, see if he or she wants to tour the venue (with or without you), or at least ask the site if there’s anything specific they need to know before that night.

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What is their style? Like I said above, videographers often have their style. If you’re into documentary style photography, you’ll probably want a documentarian videographer. If you are going for a more movie experience, look for someone who describes their style as cinematic. If you want Super 8, well, go with a Super 8 artist.

Are you shooting any other weddings that day? Sometimes videographers can book multiple events a day, depending on the length of services offered, or how long the wedding is in general. If it makes you nervous to know your videographer is filming a brunch wedding before your late night event, you probably want to find someone who will only shoot your wedding on that day.

Have you worked with [X photogragher] before? In addition to asking your photographer for suggestions, it’s worth cross-checking with your videographer and seeing if he or she is excited by your photographer—and other vendors that you’re working. The wedding vendor dance is delicate, and it works best when everyone genuinely likes everyone else. Granted, that’s not really your problem, to begin with, but it’s always nice to know that your team is on the same page. And is one less problem that can go wrong on your wedding day.

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What parts of the day do you film? This might surprise most, but a lot of your wedding day will not make it to your final film. If you know you want specific moments filmed and included in your wedding film, make sure to ask from the beginning if they will be.

Who chooses the music for your wedding films? A lot of videographers add music to their final films because it’s such a good mood-setter. Ask if your videographer chooses, if you choose, or if you can collaborate (if desired). But one thing to keep in mind if you go the collaboration route that all music needs to be legally licensed for the use in your wedding video. So sometimes your favorite song maybe outside of your film budget.

How is the final product saved and delivered? It’s important to find out if your videographer records on tapes or digitally—and to ask how their work is backed up (and for how long). What format will the final product be in? Will it be edited? Will you get all of the footage or just a final edit? What happens if you lose your video? What happens if your videographer loses footage? And so on.

When will we receive our video? Wedding videos can take anywhere between two and twelve months, so it’s good to know ahead of time just how long you might have to wait. Putting together the perfect wedding video is a skill, and the wait is often worth it.

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Did you have a wedding videographer? What did you learn in the process? What advice do you have for anyone wondering how to book a videographer? (bonus points if you link to your wedding video in the comments! We would love to see them.)



We sincerely hope that your film will bring you many happy reminders of how the adventure of a lifetime started and reminded you that are a powerhouse team.. Go Seahawk and Raiders. #Olivas

Greg & Merriann

Cinematography | Like The River Films
Photography | Rachel Howerton Photography
Venue | Swans Trail Farms



Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to Jon and Cote for inviting us along on their incredible wedding day.

We sincerely hope that your film will bring you many happy reminders of how the adventure of a lifetime started and reminded you that you will never be alone because you are on a team.

Greg & Merriann

Cinematography | Like The River Films
Photography | B. Jones Photography


Going into Athita and Maksim’s wedding weekend in Bellingham, we knew it would be a blast… We loved their beautiful wedding at Squalicum Boathouse on the banks of the Puget Sound, and are so thankful there was not a cloud in the sky which made it a perfect day.

The Team
Cinematography, Like The River FIlms | Photography, Ryan & Jacy Photography | Ceremony & Reception Venue, Squalicum Boathouse | Ever After Events, Zeina Evans | Officiant, Andrew Gann | D.J. Whatcom Sound

Skagit Wedding Tour 2017

Hey guys! Have you ever been to a Wedding Tour before? No?

Bellingham Wedding Videographer

Well, we had never done a wedding tour before either until we had the chance to join the Skagit Wedding Tour this year, so we jumped on it.  If you are unaware of what a wedding tour is you are not alone, originally neither did we.  A Wedding tour is when a group of venues invite different wedding pros over and invite the community in to see what a wedding at the venue would look like.  It’s a low-pressure practice run for the venue and the wedding pros.  We get to talk with couples looking to get married and they get to see what we do and decide if it is something they would be interested in.  So a win-win.

Bellingham Wedding Videographer

This year we had a chance to be at Big Lake Lodge wedding and event center located in beautiful Skagit Valley.  This is a small to medium size wedding venue.  They can accommodate up to 125 guests but their average wedding is about 75 guest.  It is a beautiful, intimate place with amazing views.

Bellingham Wedding Videograper

We were joined by other wedding pros like Frozen Sentiments Photography with her photo booth, Mot’s Alterations, Paper’s Edge (specializing in paper flowers which is something we had never seen before), and Shambala Bakery.

Bellingham Wedding Videographer

Ok, I normally don’t rave about many things but Shambala Bakery and Bistro has some of the most delicious food I have every tried.  Now, I am a proud meat eater and this place caters to the gluten-free, vegetarians, vegan folks out there but the food was WOW!  I know, hard to believe but it’s true.  They had a chocolate, gluten free cupcake with a light, fluffy and rich coconut creme frosting.  Oh, don’t get me started on the coconut creme frosting.  Oh, well I have started already.  It was so awesome, the owner said we should add it to our coffee.  Since I have tried many different things in coffee I was game.


Skagit Wedding Tour 2017 - Big lake Lodge (9 of 9).jpgOh, that was the tastiest coffee I have EVER had.  And get this the coffee was Uban (for you that don’t know the brand, it the cheapest coffee known to man.  It’s right up there with Folgers) so it was the coconut creme that made that coffee great again.  It is safe to say that if you don’t go for the food you got to try the coconut creme in your coffee.  And don’t feel weird other people have done the same.

Bellingham Wedding Videographer

It was more fun than I thought it would have been.  We have been invited to do another Wedding Tour in Whatcom County next month and this year we are that the Shuksan Golf Course.  So if you haven’t been on a wedding tour you should try one close to you.  The Whatcom County Tour is June 11th 2017.  Here is a link ( for more information….

Bellingham Wedding Videographer

We also had a Date night giveaway for every guest that entered our drawing. Here is a video of the Winning ticket.  A dinner for two at Trumpeters Public House.

Well until next time, take care and I hope to see you at the Whatcom Wedding Tour 2017.


Why we love filming weddings.

Why we love filming weddings.

Why we love filming weddings.

We are often asked, “Why do you film weddings?”  Well, it is pretty simple. We love weddings.  The whole thing.  The wedding dresses,  the suits, and ties, the flowers, the promises that are shared with friends, family and before God.  We love the beautiful venues, the receptions speeches, and the celebrations.  Yes, we love it all.  I often leave a wedding tired and wore out but happily reminded of all the reasons I got married all those years ago.

Bellingham Wedding Videographer - Like The River Films

Here is the rub, we didn’t have our wedding filmed.  I have often wondered as we are filming an excited, nervous, giddy couple if Merriann and  I were that way.  Yes, we did have a photographer who did a great job capturing our wedding, and to this day we love these photos. But since we didn’t film we didn’t get to see if I was nervously biting my lip like I have been known to do over the years. Or since Merriann was late (Which is whole other story) the relief I had when I first saw her walk out on the sandy beaches of Maui in her wedding dress.  But most importantly to me is with all the nervousness of the day I don’t remember my vows.

Bellingham Wedding Videographer - Like The River Films

Those few short but important promises that I made to her and God of my undying love for her that would guide us through our marriage.  Sadly all I remember is standing there wowed by her beauty on the beach with sand between my toes and thinking to myself don’t mess up the words.  I was so focused on not messing up that I don’t remember what the words were and now I wish that we would have filmed our wedding.

Bellingham Wedding Videographer - Like The River Films

So that is why we love filming weddings.  I know that my clients will have the sights and sounds on their wedding day kept as a reminder of the start of their new chapter in life.  That they never have to wonder what did I say?  Did I see everyone there?  What was my bride doing all morning or did the guys just sit around all day and drink beer (The answer is yes, they did by the way.  ; ).

Bellingham Wedding Videographer - Like The River Films

My clients will get to watch my work 5, 10, or 25 years down the road, and feel the love, joy, nervous, excitement all over again.  It gets me pumped just writing these words.

We love filming weddings.

Bellingham Wedding Videographer - Like The River Films