Wedding Venues of Skagit County (Part 1)

Skagit County has become a second home for us, we have met some amazing wedding professionals through the Skagit County and the variety of venues makes it an amazing place to film. From farms to wineries to secret gardens this county has something for everyone. We wanted to share our favorite Skagit Valley wedding venuesContinue reading “Wedding Venues of Skagit County (Part 1)”

The Biggest Mistake Couples Make When Hiring A Videographer!!

When you hire a videographer to capture your big day, you’re already avoiding the #1 regret most couples have about their wedding. But you’re not completely out of the woods yet! Unless you’re having a small, intimate wedding, the most common regret we hear from couples that hire a videographer is when their filming teamContinue reading “The Biggest Mistake Couples Make When Hiring A Videographer!!”

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