Whatcom County Wedding Venues (Part 1)

We’ve filmed weddings all over the PNW, but Whatcom County is home. We have some amazing venues in our county and we wanted to give our favorites!  If you are still searching for your Whatcom wedding venue or a surrounding area venue get some inspiration here. If you are getting married at any of these venues below, mention this list when you inquire and you can get $100 off of your film package.


Barnstar Events

Barnstar is a gorgeous historic barn set on 120 private acres in Whatcom County. With soaring ceilings and its expansive space, Barnstar is more cathedral than barn. The interior is chic, rustic and elegant, filled with curated vintage furniture and decor. Surrounded by pastures, flower gardens and an incredible view of Mt. Baker, Barnstar Event Venue is a beautiful setting for your special occasion.

Indoor/Outdoor Ceremony

Indoor Reception

Capacity: 200


Photo: courtesy barnstarevents.com

KatherynMoranPhotography-Baker Creek

Baker Creek Place Wedding and Event Venue

Baker Creek place is a venue full of options! From their new 3000 square foot banquet hall to well-designed meeting rooms they can accommodate 15-200 guests. The venue is flooded with natural light overlook wooded surroundings. The space also has a beautiful outdoor patio and catering kitchen.

Indoor/Outdoor Ceremony

Indoor Reception with patio access

Capacity: 200


Photo: Courtesy of Kathryn Moran

Evergreen Gardens

Evergreen Gardens

Evergreen Gardens is tucked away in beautiful Northern Whatcom County, surrounded by towering evergreens and picturesque flower gardens. Just seven short miles north of Bellingham it feels like you are in a secret garden of your own. A covered outdoor pavilion gives you the opportunity to be outside even if the weather is not cooperating. Our favorite thing about this venue is the variety in location options. You have so many choices of where to have your ceremony and how to set up your reception. It is truly a place that allows the couples to put their own unique spin on their day.

Indoor/Outdoor Ceremony

Indoor Reception

Capacity: 175


Like The River Films Video at Evergreen Gardens:

Karen Obrist Photography Wandering Waters

Wandering Waters Farm

Tucked away in the stunning North Fork Nooksack River Valley, Wandering Waters offers a natural setting for couples to exchange their vows and celebrate their marriage. The setting is perfect for any wedding from casual to formal. It offers tranquility and gorgeous sweeping views and colorful farm gardens.  Amenities include a picnic shelter, convenient outdoor kitchen, a sheltered fire pit, and a stage with a dance floor.

Outdoor Ceremony and Reception

Capacity: 120


Photo: Karen Obrist Photography


Samson Estates Winery

Samson Estates Winery sits on a 500-acre berry farm, situated in the middle of the Nooksack River Valley.

Surrounded by acres of lawn and flowering botanical gardens. It is a gorgeous location for a wedding. The large covered pavilion allows you to be outside even if there is some PNW rain. The venue also has staging areas for the caterer, sound system and plenty of parking.

Outdoor Ceremony and Reception

Capacity: 300


Photo: Samsonestates.com

Windows on the Bay Events

This all-inclusive venue is perfect for an intimate wedding and reception.  The gorgeous event room overlooks the marina and your guests can mingle and enjoy the deck. They have everything you need onsite for a beautiful event and their catering is delicious.

Indoor Ceremony and Reception:

Capacity: 100


Lairmont Manor

Lairmont Manor

Lairmont Manor is a jewel in Whatcom County. This romantic mansion nestled in the hills of Fairhaven is the ideal setting for couples who love the beauty of historic architecture and the elegance of sprawling gardens. This beautiful venue has space for intimate indoor events and large outdoor events under their romantic canopy. It is a must see in Whatcom County.

Indoor Event

Capacity: 100

Indoor/Outdoor Event

Capacity: 250


Photo: Genaro Photography

If you find a venue from this page that you love, please let the venue know you found them through Like The River Films!

If you skimmed: If you are getting married at any of these venues, mention this list when you inquire and you can get $100 off of your film package!

Check back soon for part 2 of our Whatcom Wedding Venues Post!

The Biggest Mistake Couples Make When Hiring A Videographer!!

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 7.52.26 AM

When you hire a videographer to capture your big day, you’re already avoiding the #1 regret most couples have about their wedding. But you’re not completely out of the woods yet! Unless you’re having a small, intimate wedding, the most common regret we hear from couples that hire a videographer is when their filming team consisted of only one filmer. A single videographer package often comes with a tempting price reduction but also some serious compromises!

One Videographer Can’t Be In Two Places At Once

This snag usually hits first thing – even before the ceremony! During pre-wedding prep, it is nearly impossible for one videographer to capture great footage of all parties. Often times, couples are getting ready at the same time totally different locations, making it difficult for a single videographer to catch all of the awesome moments. Keep in mind these moments are some of the most special to look back on, filled with anticipation and excitement for the day ahead.

OneVideographer Just Can’t Do It All

When you only have one person in charge of capturing your entire wedding on film, they are going to concentrate their efforts on what’s most important. Of course, they will follow your “must-haves” and do their best to get footage of all of the details they can, but some of the little moments that happen at the same time as your big moments won’t get on camera! Think little candid moments between your guests, B-roll shots of the venue and surrounding landscape, or some details not on your “must-haves” list like your photo booth or dessert table.

One Videographer Can’t Capture Multiple Angles

The best way to highlight the importance of having multiple angles is to imagine the moment you walk down the aisle. Do you want your single videographer to focus on the look on your face or the look on your spouse’s face? Then, as you recite your vows, imagine having two videographers posted in two inconspicuous spots capturing every touching moment vs. one videographer scrambling around your ceremony to try and grab every shot.

Two Videographer Capture Higher Quality

One of the best things about having multiple videographers is that when your film reaches the editing stage, there are multiple shots and extended footage to choose from. This allows your team to craft your wedding day into a true cinematic event. Your favorite films from when you were browsing for inspiration online definitely utilized at least two videographers, and aerial!

Wedding Trends To Watch For In 2019

With 2019 is fast approaching, and we know that couples with a 2019 wedding date are already looking ahead to what will be on trend. When you film weddings, you pick up on subtle changes over time, hinting at trend changes that are on the horizon. These are a few of the things we noticed popping up in 2018 that will definitely explode onto the scene in 2019!

Custom Cocktails 2

Custom Cocktails

Couples are adding personality to every aspect of their wedding. One of our favorite ways is through custom cocktails! Share your two favorite drinks with your guests and put a fun spin on their traditional names to really make them stand out.

Micro Weddings.PNG
Micro Weddings

Formerly known as elopements or “intimate weddings,” micro weddings are quickly gaining popularity amongst brides and grooms. “In simple terms, a micro wedding is an abbreviated celebration of a marriage that has only a handful of invited guests (commonly 20 or less), is shorter in duration and is more simple in format, relaxed in atmosphere and less stress to organize than a traditional wedding.” (Huffington Post)

Rich Color Palettes
Flowers from Triple Wren Farms

Rich Color Palettes

Yes, “millennial pink” certainly had its moment and then some. But in 2019 couples will be looking more towards rich color palettes of maroon and navy – and incorporating bright accents and make their details pop!

Custom Wedding Films

When it comes to memorializing your wedding day, it’s okay to want more than a standard wedding film! We have more and more couples requesting custom details such as aerial footage, same day edits, and pre-wedding love stories. Luckily, any Like The River Films wedding package can be totally customized to fit your dreams – so don’t be afraid to think outside the box and choose details that will really take your wedding film to the next level.

Statement Florals.PNG
Flowers from Triple Wren Farms

Statement Florals
Grand floral chandeliers, elaborate pampas grass displays, and bold texture combinations are on the horizon. Brides and grooms are branching out from roses and peonies and getting adventurous with florals!

10 Moments You’ll Definitely Want To Include On Your Must-Have Shot List


When you hire a videographer to film your wedding, it’s helpful to clue them into the aspects of your day that are most important to you to make your film exactly everything you’ve dreamed of! These are some of the most essential moments to include on your “must-haves” list, and the best way to relay them to your videography team!

Getting Ready – Guys AND Gals

Getting Ready – Guys AND Gals.PNG

The time spent getting ready on your big day is arguably favorite. It’s the “calm before the storm,” when everyone is relaxed and brimming with anticipation for the events to come. Make sure to ask your videographer about your timeline or adding a second shooter – that way they can capture BOTH parties in pre-wedding mode. It’s one of the only times you spend apart on your wedding day, and you will treasure watching the love of your life get ready for the big moment!



Chances are, you spent months and months planning your wedding to make sure every detail was perfect – from the escort cards to the favors guests took home. Be sure to cue your videography team into any extra-special details, but don’t be afraid to include the usual stuff too! Create a little box with a copy of your invitation suite and let them know you’d love shots of your engagement ring, the custom champagne flutes, etc.

Aerial Footage Of Your Venue

From the Air.PNG

If it’s permitted at your venue to capture aerial footage, this can be one of the most stunning and theatric moments of your wedding film. Seeing your venue from an aerial perspective is so special and the most dramatic way to take the memories of your day to the next level!

First Look

Whether you are doing a “first look” or seeing each other for the first time as you walk down the aisle, you’ll want to capture all of the romantic feels! This is another time when a second shooter comes in handy because they can capture both of your facial expressions. And don’t forget any other “first looks” throughout the day – consider your bridesmaids, father of the bride, siblings, etc. The looks of surprise and love are something you’ll definitely treasure.



It doesn’t matter if you wrote your own or are using traditional vows, you’ll want them captured on film! Give your team a heads up so they know the general timeline of your ceremony and whether your vows will be personalized or not so they can best capture them.

First Kiss As A Married Couple!

First Kiss.PNG

How could we leave out the first kiss? This may seem like an obvious one, but consider the moments surrounding the kiss. Do you want your film to feature “I now pronounce you…” Are you going to stop at the end of the aisle for a fun dip or fist pump?



Believe it or not, the order of events during different wedding receptions varies a LOT! The more detailed your timeline is, the more likely it is that your filming team will be able to record every important moment. Providing a detailed list of who’s speaking when is extremely helpful!

First Dance

First Dance.PNG

Your first dance with your new spouse, parent dances, and any other features dances are essential parts of any wedding film. Planning a surprise choreographed a dance? Don’t let it be a surprise to your videographer!

Breaking Down The Dance Floor

Speaking of dancing, make sure your videography team knows to get out there on the dance floor. It’s where your guests will be letting loose and having a great time – so you’ll love all the different expressions they will capture!

Anything Totally Unique To Your Day


Are you doing a meaningful cultural tradition on your wedding day? Do you have custom details that took hours and hours to coordinate? Are you surprised everyone with a burger delivery at the end of the night? The more information your videography team has, the better footage they can get to create a truly holistic vision of your day!

Most Importantly…

Don’t Forget The Candid Moments!

Looking to the future.PNG

The candid moments throughout your wedding day WILL be your favorite – trust us! If there are people you especially want candid shots of, don’t be afraid to provide pictures ahead of time. But for the most part, this is where you let your videographers do their thing. They are experienced professionals who’ve done this a time or two and know what to look for. Put your trust in them to create an incredible cinematic representation of your day.

Hiring the Best Videographer for Your Wedding Day

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 7.46.56 AM

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, if that is true then a video is worth a million. While photographs help document moments in time, videos truly help tell the bigger, more genuine story of your wedding. That’s why one of the most important tasks on your wedding checklist should be to hire a videographer so that you can get a great wedding video.

Many brides underestimate the amount of effort it takes to find a great videographer – it’s important to pick someone who will capture the moments that are most important to you as a couple.  Today we are sharing our five tips for hiring the best videographer for your wedding day!

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 7.51.06 AM.png

  1. Evaluate Style and Aesthetic

The most important thing you can do is to watch demos and sample videos. Every videographer has their own aesthetic and style, and you need to make sure that it fits with your own. Some videographers focus on the decorations and décor details of the wedding, while others capture the important moments of toasts, dances and cake cutting. Make sure that the videographer you choose will be creating something that you will enjoy watching later. If your style does not match up there is no point to considering them as your wedding videographer.

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 7.49.26 AM.png

  1. Understand the Role of a Videographer

Understand that a wedding videographer and a cinematographer are two very different things. Videographers are experts at capturing important moments on your wedding day. A wedding cinematographer are more hands-on with their couples, they essentially direct the couples as actors to capture the day. This can be fun for the right couples but it is not for everyone. Make sure that you are aware of what you are looking for and the expectations you have for your videographer.

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 7.52.26 AM.png

  1. Know Your Price

There are a variety of price points for videography services. Our advice is to do some research into the typical cost of videography services in your area and determine your budget. Most videographers have different packages so you will be able to get some sort of video coverage for your wedding day if you are realistic with your desired budget.

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 7.50.25 AM.png

  1. Know the Value of Hiring a Professional

You will likely come across some very low-cost videographers, while a bargain can be hard to pass up, please remember you get what you pay for. We always advise couples to stay within their budget but to also make sure they are hiring a professional. The best-case scenario is to get a referral from one of your other trusted wedding vendors or someone you know. If you do not have a good recommendation to work from, make sure to do a lot of research and ask for testimonials and sample work. A professional should be able to provide all of these things easily. Finally, if you are presented with a price that seems too good to be true, make sure to ask why. It may be that you are one of their first weddings, or they have no experience. If you are willing to take a chance on someone who is new to the industry you can get some great deals, but they should share their lack of real wedding experience before you book.

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 7.54.11 AM.png

The special moments of your wedding are too good to miss. A photographer can capture still images of your day, but the only video can let you experience the emotion of the ceremony, the stories in the toasts and the merriment of the guests.

Once I attended a wedding where a little girl wanted to stand up on the chair and toast the bride and groom. When she opened her mouth the only thing she could do was sing her A, B, C’s. The moment was really special but because the wedding only had a photographer, the little girl’s adorable toast was lost.

Don’t let that happen to you. Hire a videographer.

If you would like to set-up a consultation to discuss your wedding please contact us!

4 Tips for Writing Wedding Love Letters

AdobeStock_75164151.jpegYou and your partner probably won’t have a ton of time to chat before meeting at the altar on the day of your wedding, but you can exchange love notes. We often encourage our couples to write wedding love letters to each other. We then record them reading it and use that audio to craft the storyline for their film.

Your wedding day is a life-changing moment in your life. It’s will be one in which you will spend the rest of your life thinking about. By Incorporating this audio into your wedding film is one way we do that.

Vows are important for remembering your promises, but often don’t capture the way you were feeling that day and time. Toasts are great for remembering how others were feeling. But love letters help you remember how you were feeling.

If you’re considering writing a wedding love letter for your film, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

This age-old tradition helps warm even the coldest feet and leaves couples with souvenirs more priceless than extra wedding favors. If you’re having trouble writing yours, use these tips as your guide.

AdobeStock_214441448.jpeg1. REMINISCE ABOUT YOUR STORY

It might seem redundant, but retelling your story over and over is important. This intentional act solidifies the history you’ve built with your partner in your heart and mind.

Consider recalling emotions you were feeling the day you met your significant other or went on your first date. Proposals are significant events that you might want to document in your letter. It could be as simple as a memory from a trip you took together or the experience of planning your wedding. All these moments make up your story and have brought you to this day.

AdobeStock_199653944.jpeg2. USE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES

To capture a moment in time it’s essential to use specific examples. It’s easy to think, “I’ll never forget that,” but as time passes, it becomes difficult to remember the small details. Try to identify time, place, what you were doing, what you were thinking and how it made you feel. These details bring together a fuller, sweeter memory. See the example below:

Sentence 1: You’re the only one for me.

Sentence 2: After that night we sat in my car in front of your house and talked about everything under the sun for hours on end, I remember thinking he/she is the one I want to spend the rest of my days.

Cheerful couple playing in bed3. ADD AN INSIDE JOKE OR TWO

The best letters make you feel all kinds of emotions—including laughter! It could be a nickname you have for each other, your favorite song or TV show quote, or a moment that perfectly depicts your fiancé’s personality. Paint the most authentic picture of your story as possible.

Watch other videos to get ideas, but don’t feel pressure to copy. When your words are from the heart, they will mean the most. The best part about everyone’s story and writing style are how different and unique they can be.

brides wedding party in the elegant restaurant with a wonderful light and atmosphere


Looking forward to your life after marriage is just as important as remembering the past. Imagine what you hope your family will look like 20 years down the road. This will be sweet moment years down the road when you revisit your film.

Your wedding film is an investment for the future so ask yourself, “In 20 years, what will I want to remember about our story?” Writing wedding love letters, allows you to customize exactly what you want to remember.



What is a wedding planned by a couple who has been together for 7 and a half years like? Full of fun, beautiful details and lots of emotion. Trever and Megan held their wedding and reception at Peace Arch Park in Blaine Washington and we were so happy to share their day. The bright yellow bouquets, whimsical love balloons and sparkly flower girl dresses set the stage for a day of pure happiness. Megan shared a heartfelt letter with her new stepdaughter that ended with the sweetest pinky promise and their son gave the perfect wedding toast during the reception. Their family, friends and vendor team created the most beautiful day for this amazing couple and we wish them a lifetime of happiness.

Trever and Megan’s Wedding Team

Cinematography | Like The River Films
Photography | Jeni Usher
Ceremony | Reception Venue | Peace Arch state park
Officiants | Rick Todd
Florist | Safeway. Morgan Zender
Groom’s tux | Men’s Wearhouse
Caterer | Carrie Moore
Desserts | Cakes by Emily

Hannah and Jeff Feature Film | Bellingham Wedding Videographer

“1+1= So much more than 2”. Words for the officiant at Hannah and Jeff’s beautiful wedding held at a private home in Bellingham, WA. Those words delivered by the groom’s uncle summed up a day that was truly a combining of two families. Hannah had beautiful words for her new stepsons during the ceremony and the maid of honor told stories of a lifetime spent with her best friend and the moment she knew that Jeff was a perfect match for Hannah. The vendor team created an amazing day for this lovely couple from the thoughtful décor, to the delicious food. No detail was overlooked.

The Jeff and Hannah’s Wedding Team

Cinematography | Like The River Films
Photography | Courtney Bowlden
Day-Of coordination | Zeina Evans with Ever After Events
Ceremony | Reception Venue | Their Family’s Home
Officiants | John Neate
D.J. | Linda with GMB Entertainment
Florist | Ever After Events LLC
Groom’s tux | Men’s Warehouse
Caterer | Ever After Events LLC
Desserts | Barb’s Pies and Pastries

5 Creative Ways to Make Your Grand Entrance Memorable

Rich or Poor, there are so many creative and fun ways to arrive at your reception in style.

Why have a “Normal” grand entrance at your wedding reception when you can have an extraordinary one? After all, it is your big day!! It doesn’t matter if you have an unlimited budget or you don’t have a ton to spare,  Here are at 5 ways you can arrive at your wedding reception in style.

1. A Flash Mob Entrance with your wedding party

What better way to surprise your guests than with a flash mob only your wedding party knows about? Regina Osgood, the owner of Meant2Be Events, had a couple that decided to go this route and it was a huge hit. “The bridal party was allowed to enter just as they normally would, but they were in on what happened next,” she tells us. “Once the bride and groom were announced, the DJ changed the song, cueing the full ballroom of guests to come to the dance floor where the flash mob began. Everyone talked about it all night long!”  (Brides.com) 

LEARN THE DANCE HERE: https://youtu.be/bP5_5KIqiMA

2. Romantic Dance Performance on the Projections Screen

Entertain the guest with a romantic entrance by creating your own dancing silhouette on the projection screen.  With all the lights turned off, give a romantic performance behind the curtain and then continue it to the dance floor.  It will surely look romantic and pleasing to all. (Everafterguide.com)


       3. Use a “built-in” grand entrance

  1. “Many catering halls have dramatic entrances built in, such as coming up through the floor in a glass elevator or doing a stage curtain entrance,” point out Lynn Jawitz, owner of Florisan Wedding and Event Design in NYC.


4. Human Tunnel

  1. It’s another fun idea where the bride and groom through a human tunnel made by their bride party from the entrance to the floor.  A fun song played by the DJ would give it a nice musical touch.  To make it more unique, the bridal party can also enter this way too!


5. Get some sparklers

  1. “If your entrance is outside and after dark, super long wedding sparklers can make a really spectacular picture as you dance your way through them to the real dance floor to do your first dance,” says seasoned wedding planner Sandy Malone of Weddings in Vieques.


Thanks for reading!


10 Secrets for Throwing the Most Fun Wedding…EVER!!

Weddings are fun by definition, but if your goal is to make your big day a memorable moment for your family and friends — not just for you and your groom — you’ll want to focus your attention on your guests. Here are ten secrets to throwing the Most Fun Wedding…. Ever!!!

Okay, they’re not secrets—just excellent ideas we encourage you to steal.


bride and groom with guests

The No. 1 enemy of fun? Discomfort. Case in point: If your guests are sweating to proverbial death at your outdoor reception or getting eaten alive by mosquitos, they might not enjoy the signature cocktails or epic dessert bar you so carefully crafted. Consider what your guests will go through at your wedding, Two Little Birds Planning owner Jaclyn Fisher says, and then go from there.
For example, if you’re hosting an outdoor ceremony with a chance of serious heat on the side, consider greeting your guests with cold lemonade or tea. Conversely, winter wedding guests would love a cup of hot cider or cocoa when they arrive, she says. “A basket of flip flops near the dance floor is a much-appreciated gift for your guests’ tired, dancing feet,” she adds. “And be ready with amenities in the restrooms full of items that your guests might need including mints, safety pins, and a sewing kit. These little extras will make your guests feel well taken care of.”


Bride and groom with guests at wedding reception outside in the backyard.Guests are surprisingly good at rolling with the (non-traditional wedding) punches, if they know what they’re getting into up front. If you’re having a reception where you’re only serving cake and punch, let people know on the invite. They’ll come with full stomachs, ready to have a good time. (Or they’ll decide they’re not into it and won’t come at all. Guests are grownups like that.) Use your invitation, a wedding website if you have one, and word of mouth to let people know what kind of party they’re in for.


Dancing couples during party or wedding celebrationAlmost as important as keeping the party going is keeping it moving in the right direction, Fisher says. “Sitting around and waiting is a buzz kill,” she warns. “So, work with your planner to ensure things happen at the right speed. Cocktails should be no more than one hour. Also, guests shouldn’t wait more than 20 to 30 minutes between courses. Guests notice when things drag, and ultimately they want to get on the dance floor.”


Guests come to your wedding expecting to eat and dance. What they don’t expect? A salsa performance or palm reader, says Fisher. “Lawn games such as oversized jenga, giant chess or checkers, bocce ball, and corn hole are a great way for guests to have some good old-fashioned fun,” she adds. “Or a tasting station with beer, wine, and your favorite spirit, complete with an expert, offers a unique interactive experience.”


blonde bride dancing at restaurant in flying confettiAccording to Fisher, “The key to a super fun reception is much dancing but waiting until the end of the night to get your guests on the dance floor could be a mistake.” Rather, she says, open up the dance floor the second you finish your first dance. “The focus is already on the dance floor, and guests will be excited to join the couple for a few songs,” she explains.


According to Fisher, “A fed guest is a happy guest!” That means making sure there is ample food for every guest to have his or her fill. “There’s nothing worse than arriving at a reception where the hors d’ oeuvres have already been wiped out by other guests,” Fisher says. Plus, she adds, you’ll want to talk to your caterer to make “sure that the flow of the food service will be efficient and timely so that guests will have more than enough to meet their needs.”
Maybe offer a late-night snack Your guests may have the nibbles after an intense workout on the dance floor. If you feed them a snack in the wee hours of your wedding, Fisher says, they’ll be forever grateful.


AdobeStock_193453227.jpegWedding toasts are all about quality over quantity, so ask anyone who’s speaking to make sure their toasts are no more than two minutes. If they have any longer anecdotes, they can feel free to share at the rehearsal dinner.


AdobeStock_55377465.jpegTo keep the little ones entertained throughout the night (and to give their parents an opportunity to hit the dance floor), give them their designated area. In a separate room, arrange for a babysitter to set up and oversee movies, games, crafts or a kid-centric dance party. You can also set up a few tables topped with coloring books, crayons, games, and small toys.


AdobeStock_141900839.jpegLet’s put it this way: You won’t have a good time at your reception if you can’t take two steps without snagging your train, right? So, after the first dance, brides can swap the veil and bustle for a fabulous little white dress or jumpsuit, and grooms can change to a more relaxed suit. If you and your new spouse are comfortable enough to move freely, you’ll dance more, chat more, laugh more and eat more cake—that’ll rub off on your guests.


When putting together your wedding, the goal is to balance your what you love, as well as what your multi-generational guest list will like. That may mean mixing some Motown into your indie rock playlist of wedding reception songs, or it may mean having board games and a cocktail hour.

Guests Throwing Confetti Over Bride And Groom

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