What to Know Before Hiring Your Wedding Videographer

What to Know Before Hiring Your Wedding Videographer. Wedding videography may not be a new thing. Wedding Videography is an investment, one that we think is worth it if you have the budget. After all is said and done, your wedding photos and film are what you have to remember your day by! Whether you’re interested in hiring a wedding videographer for your wedding or hadn’t considered it yet, we wanted to give you a starting place of what to expect as you begin to browse different video team portfolios and take meetings with potential suppliers.


When it comes to looking back on your wedding, having a film brings the day back to life just by pushing play. Having video to accompany your photos can give you a more full experience to look back on, but it can also be amazing to have this piece of art — starring you!

As our one of our clients, Kaity, and her fiancé fell completely in love with wedding videography and it became a top priority for their day. Here’s what she had to say about that process:

Hiring a wedding videographer was an important process for me and my fiancé because we want to be able to re-experience our wedding in motion. There are so many moments that occur in between photos being taken, and that extra experience adds to the authenticity and depth of a memory. A video of my wedding day will allow me to revisit my vow readings and remember all of the jokes my older brother cracked in his speech.

Equally as important was our selection of the videography style we wanted. My fiancé and I have somewhat-unconventional styles, so we knew a traditional wedding video wasn’t quite the right fit for us. After going through dozens of wedding videos, we decided that a modern cinematic style was perfect for us. We were happy to find a videographer that “got” our styles, and we trusted enough that we wouldn’t have to worry about the finished product.


Knowing what are your package options before you hiring Your Wedding videographer is a very import part of your research. Like with any other wedding vendor, videographers offer a variety of packages to help you receive exactly the services you’re looking for. Packages can be great because you can choose the services that both align with your expectations and your budget. The most common misconception about videography is that you will receive full-length footage of everything that happened on your wedding day. While some videographers offer this as a package option, most likely your final product will be a stylized and edited masterpiece to remember the best parts of your day by.

Types of Packages

Here are some of the most popular package options you’re likely to see when hiring a videographer:

Trailer/Teaser Film (1-2 min) – Have you ever watched a movie trailer? This is the same concept, but for the movie of your wedding! Often accompanied later by a short film, this trailer or teaser film is created by your videographer while they continue to edit and craft the final product. Some videographers include a teaser video as a part of their package, while others offer it as an add-on.

Highlight Film (3-10 min) – With many videographers, the highlight film is the final product you will receive. More commonly, this film is non-linear and takes a more modern approach, where the videographer has truly created a piece of cinematic art out of the events and moments throughout your day. Merriann and I love this packages, Here is a link to our packages.

Short Film (10-20 min) – If you decide on a package with a short film, you will receive an edited version of your wedding footage that takes a more linear form, often including a portion of your vows, reception toasts, etc. Depending on how long you book your videographer, the film may also include getting ready footage, first look footage, and grand exit.

Same day edit (4-10 min) – Some videographers offer an option to have footage from your wedding edited on the spot and shown during your reception. This can be a fun surprise for guests on the day-of!

Full-length documentary (30-90 min) – If you are interested in reliving the majority of your day, this option is for you! Your videographer can create a longer film that includes entire sections of your wedding, like your ceremony. Due to the length, this option is the most like a true movie of your wedding.

à la carte Options

Add-ons –  We like most videographers offer à la carte options to receive additional footage from your day. A few popular add-ons include:

  • Full ceremony/reception – Edited footage of your wedding ceremony or of toasts/speeches during your reception
  • Raw footage – Unedited footage from your wedding day
  • Drone aerial coverage
  • Rehearsal dinner coverage
  • Greetings from guests during cocktail hour
  • Trailer film (mentioned above, as an add-on)
  • Love story – Similar to an engagement session, this footage is filmed before your wedding day, usually in plain clothes, which may include an interview with you as a couple as well as a lifestyle shoot


While each videographer puts their own artistic touch on their work, there are a few styles by which most videographers can be categorized. Knowing what are the different styles are before you hire your wedding videographer is a can help you find the style that most fits you. These are the most common styles to look for in your search:

Cinematic – Cinematic is the most popular style of videographer you will find in your search. These films are most like a real movie, edited and stylized as a piece of art. There are two main styles within cinematic videography:

  • Modern Abstract – Modern abstract style is characterized by a non-linear approach. These films are created to make the viewer feel something, both in the way the footage is arranged and the music used. The footage used in a modern abstract film is more likely to include atmospheric footage, or B-roll, which helps to capture the mood of the day. Modern abstract films typically use little or no speaking from the day. This is a great option for couples looking for something more artistic to remember their day.
  • Classic – While modern abstract films are almost entirely non-linear, classic cinematic films may provide a stylistic edit of events from the day in between bits of B-roll. While you still feel a sense of the wedding atmosphere, your video will include more intact footage or sound bites of events.

Video Journalistic / Documentary – This is our style, like documentary photography, a video journalistic approach is meant to capture the day as it occurred. This means that your film will include footage of some of your day’s biggest moments, but will also highlight the other happenings of the day — getting ready, guests interacting before the ceremony, dancing at the reception, etc. Again this is our style, so if you are looking for this style please send us a text, and PM.

Storytelling – Unlike the other types of wedding films, a storytelling style relies on sound bites, both from the day and recorded at another time, to, as you might have guessed, tell the story of your day. The way that music may be used to create an emotional reaction in other film types, storytelling uses sound bites for dramatic effect.

Nostalgic – There is a trend in wedding videography as of late to use Super 8 film, or 8-millimeter film, to capture weddings with a vintage flair. Some videographers may use this film to document the entire day, or will blend it with modern recording technology for a unique effect.


Budget – If videography is a priority on your wedding day, it’s a good idea to incorporate that into your wedding budget as early on as possible. The price of having both a photographer and videographer isn’t cheap. Depending on what your budget situation is, you may have to make cuts in other areas of your day to afford having it captured the way you want. For a good videographer, we recommend budgeting as much (if not more) for their services as you would for your photographer.

Coverage – How many hours of coverage you want is also an important budget consideration. How important is it to you that the videographer films you getting ready or your grand exit? Having less hours of coverage and focusing on the most important parts of your day can be a good way to keep your budget down and still book the videographer of your dreams.

Delivery – Another thing to consider when choosing a videographer is how the film and footage will be delivered. Different videographers have their own system, but you may want to keep these delivery methods in mind when choosing which vendor is right for you.

  • USB Stick
  • CD-rom
  • External Hardrive
  • Online File Drop

In addition to receiving your film or footage to use, your videographer may make your video available for viewing online. Typically, videographers host their films on Vimeo. However, be sure to check in your contract how long online viewing will be available. Some videographers only offer one year of online video hosting, while some will host it indefinitely. This is a great question to ask in your interviews, as well as what options they have if the video will be eventually taken down.

Hard to Find Options

Lastly, you will want to find out if the videographer will deliver raw footage in addition to edited video. While photographers most often do not provide raw images (and prefer that you don’t ask!), some videographers will provide an option to receive raw, unedited footage of your ceremony, reception, or other parts of your wedding so that you can watch your vows and toasts in full — as many times as you want! If this is a priority for you, be sure to ask whether raw footage is included in any packages or if they can add it on as an à la carte option.

Here are some link to some local Wedding Video Teams. Take a look that these folks, we all have different styles. Maybe you will find yours styles here:

Keeping Your Wedding Footage Safe

Keeping your memories safe

Data storage isn’t sexy and I am rarely asked about how I store wedding footage. However, protecting your memories is a crucial element in creating your wedding film. 

At the Wedding

Keeping your data safe starts at the wedding. I film with three cameras during the day. All three cameras film simultaneously during the ceremony and speeches. That means there are three copies of the crucial moments. In the unlikely event that any of the cameras malfunction, then there are still two cameras (and multiple microphones) still recording.

If I fill a memory card during the day, then it goes into a wallet-sized waterproof case. It’s small enough to fit in my pocket, and it stays there all day.

After the wedding

The memory cards do not leave my sight until they have been backed up. Copies of every file are made and are stored on my desktop computer. Files are then copied onto two external hard drives. One of which is then stored at an off site location. This ensures that any problems are isolated to just one copy of the files.

After you receive your film

Once I’ve edited and delivered your film, then please make your own copies. Cloud storage is becoming the new norm and options like Google Drive and Dropbox are typically free or inexpensive. Cloud storage is also not susceptible to problems that affect physical storage devices.

“Making you smile and happy, makes me happy”

Shu Ting and James met over their love of boba tea and other sugary drinks and were married at the serene Chateau Lill in Woodinville, Washington. Their wedding serene and filled with beautiful moments of love.  It was obvious how perfect they are for one another in every moment of the wedding. Between the heartfelt toasts from friends and family and the sweet moments with their dog, this wedding was an honor to film their wedding and overflowed with happiness. The night ended with an epic dance party and an amazing sparkler send off. We want to wish She Ting and James a lifetime of love and happiness! Thank you for sharing your special day with us.

Check out some of our other wedding films


Sometimes the best-laid plans at a wedding have to be changed, and that was the case with Jordan and Kenna. Their beautiful September wedding received some PNW rain and adjustments had to be made. Even though it was not what they expected, the ceremony undercover with all their guests seated close together was so full of love it warmed everyone watching. Faith was the centerpiece of the beautiful wedding of Jordan and Kenna, their faith in God and each other was so touching and meaningful in their wedding ceremony and the toasts from their friends and family. It was an honor and privilege to watch these two beautiful people start down this new path together.

Kenna and Jordan’s Wedding Team 
Cinematography | Like The River Films  
Photography | Petra photography 
Ceremony | Reception Venue | Three Cs Farm
Officiants | Andrew Larsen & Steve Balvanz 
Florist | Three Cs Farm
Caterer | Sunset Catering

GEAR LIST: –CAMERAS— Canon 5DmarkIII — amzn.to/2IEcnRG Canon C100 — amzn.to/2J1HOod Canon 70D — amzn.to/2IH56fR 
–LENSES— Canon 70-200 2.8 ii — amzn.to/2kiCX4d Canon 70-200 4 — amzn.to/2IHAmPJ Canon 50mm 1.2 — amzn.to/2KK1v1e Canon 24mm 1.4 — amzn.to/2Llv0Y8 Canon 24-70 2.8 — amzn.to/2ID3PKS Canon 100mm 2.8 IS — amzn.to/2IFQ9KQ 
–SUPPORT— Manfrotto 535 tripod – amzn.to/2x4yXNH Manfrotto MT290XTC3US tripod — amzn.to/2GKTRBm Manfrotto MT055CXPRO4 tripod — amzn.to/2KIu0fq Manfrotto 502HD head — amzn.to/2kilQiE Manfrotto MVH500AH head — amzn.to/2GHuArE Joby Gorillapod — amzn.to/2LpYKmy 
–AUDIO— Tascam DR10L – amzn.to/2kintNi Countryman B3 Lavalier Mic black — amzn.to/2J65Q1g Countryman B3 Lavalier Mic white — amzn.to/2kiKRua Tascam DR100 — amzn.to/2KIVthh Zoom H2n — amzn.to/2x52c31 Rode VideoMic — amzn.to/2s1cKey –BAGS/CASES— Manfrotto case — amzn.to/2s1dArI Think TANK — amzn.to/2s1JTXx

John & Stephanie Wedding Highlight Film | Sacramento, Ca | Bellingham Wedding Videography

Stephanie and John’s Sacramento wedding was the picture of beautiful simplicity. The day was indeed about the couple, their love and the people that love them. Stephanie and John were lab partners in college and when they started dating it was the perfect match. As the best man said-“They just mesh together, it makes perfect sense.” Their wedding was full of beautiful moments from the touching toast by the best man to dancing in the sunset by the lake. We had so much fun getting to know this couple and their story and documenting their beginning as a married couple was an honor.

John & Stephanie Wedding Team
Cinematography | Like The River Films
Photography | Vanessa Lynne Photography
Ceremony | Reception Venue | Their Family’s Home 
Officiants | David Schwartz
Florist | Teri Olsson and Pamela Reistetter 
Groom’s tux | Men’s Wearhouse
Caterer | Bocca Catering
Desserts | Maureen Foley

GEAR LIST: –CAMERAS— Canon 5DmarkIII — amzn.to/2IEcnRG Canon C100 — amzn.to/2J1HOod Canon 70D — amzn.to/2IH56fR 
–LENSES— Canon 70-200 2.8 ii — amzn.to/2kiCX4d Canon 70-200 4 — amzn.to/2IHAmPJ Canon 50mm 1.2 — amzn.to/2KK1v1e Canon 24mm 1.4 — amzn.to/2Llv0Y8 Canon 24-70 2.8 — amzn.to/2ID3PKS Canon 100mm 2.8 IS — amzn.to/2IFQ9KQ 
–SUPPORT— Manfrotto 535 tripod – amzn.to/2x4yXNH Manfrotto MT290XTC3US tripod — amzn.to/2GKTRBm Manfrotto MT055CXPRO4 tripod — amzn.to/2KIu0fq Manfrotto 502HD head — amzn.to/2kilQiE Manfrotto MVH500AH head — amzn.to/2GHuArE Joby Gorillapod — amzn.to/2LpYKmy 
–AUDIO— Tascam DR10L – amzn.to/2kintNi Countryman B3 Lavalier Mic black — amzn.to/2J65Q1g Countryman B3 Lavalier Mic white — amzn.to/2kiKRua Tascam DR100 — amzn.to/2KIVthh Zoom H2n — amzn.to/2x52c31 Rode VideoMic — amzn.to/2s1cKey –BAGS/CASES— Manfrotto case — amzn.to/2s1dArI Think TANK — amzn.to/2s1JTXx

Our Favorite Skagit Valley Venues Part 2

Today we are going to finish up our list of venues we love in Skagit County. If you missed the first post check it out here. As with before, if you book one of these venues let us know and you will get $100 off your video package.

Vanderveen Farm

Vanderveen Farm

One of the newer venues in the valley, Vanderveen Farms is a beautiful old dairy barn that has been transformed. Upstairs you have soaring ceilings with giant chandeliers that are breathtaking. With seating for 300, you can have a huge wedding with comfort. Downstairs is just as beautiful with ample space for a lovely reception. Your guests can enjoy cocktails on the deck and the beauty of the fields surrounding the property.

Indoor Ceremony and Reception
Capacity: 300

Maplehurst Farms

Maplehurst is another beautiful barn in Skagit, set in the fields near the I5 it is an easy destination for those coming from the north or the south. The most beautiful thing about this venue is the Oak tree lined driveway that is so picturesque many couples choose to hold their ceremony in the driveway. With views of the fields and Mount Baker it is another beautiful option for couples.

Indoor and Outdoor Ceremony and Reception
Capacity: 225

The Grand Willow Inn

The Grand Willow is a venue with a longstanding history in the Valley, they have been serving couples for 12 years. Located near downtown Mount Vernon it is both a beautiful venue and a charming bed and breakfast. This lovely mansion has an amazing staircase perfect for a dramatic entrance and photos. There is outdoor space for your ceremony and an outdoor courtyard perfect for cocktail hour. This venue really is a must see!

Indoor and Outdoor Ceremony and Reception:
Capacity: 200

Beau Lodge

Another tucked away venue that is worth a look is Beau Lodge. Set in the hills above Bow, this sprawling property has a beautiful lodge for small events and expansive lawns for larger summer events. There are countless locations for your ceremony and reception only limited by your imagination. During the spring and summer Beau Lodge can host larger events and in the cooler months the lodge is perfect for intimate weddings and events.
Indoor and Outdoor Ceremony and Reception
Summer/Spring Capacity: 150-200 guests
Fall/Winter Capacity: 75-100 guests

Eaglemont Golf Course

Eaglemont Golf Course

If you love a country club wedding, Eaglemont is the venue for you! It is set above Skagit Valley and on a clear day you can see the Olympics and the sound. This beautiful venue has an amazing outside ceremony space with a beautiful arbor. Inside they have upstairs and downstairs ballrooms that have floor to ceiling windows facing the beautiful view. Another bonus is the countless spots around the property for photos and videos.
Indoor and Outdoor Ceremony and Reception:
Capacity: 200

If you skimmed: If you are getting married at any of these venues, mention this list when you inquire and you can get $100 off of your film package!

Wedding Venues of Skagit County (Part 1)

Skagit County has become a second home for us, we have met some amazing wedding professionals through the Skagit County and the variety of venues makes it an amazing place to film. From farms to wineries to secret gardens this county has something for everyone. We wanted to share our favorite Skagit Valley wedding venues in another two-part series. If you are getting married at any of these venues below, mention this list when you inquire and you can get $100 off of your film package


Bertelsen Winery

The Vine Event Center at Bertelsen Winery is a newer venue in the valley and beautiful. This space is filled with crystal chandeliers that create a romantic ambiance. There are also seven glass garage doors that can be opened on warm days or closed to keep the wind out. Since they are glass, you never lose the natural light. They also have an outdoor space for wedding ceremonies that faces a beautiful pond on their colossal lawn. Finally, the wine is delicious! Your guests will love the area and the beverages!

Indoor or Outdoor Ceremony
Indoor Reception
Capacity: 200

Majestic Inn and Spa

Majestic Inn and Spa is a jewel in downtown Anacortes. There are so many options for your event and their exceptional staff and variety will allow you to have your dream wedding. Their courtyard is the largest space and is often used for ceremonies or if your guest list exceeds the ballroom capacity you can add a tent for an elegant reception. The ballroom is the epitome of elegant. The black crystal chandeliers and décor is breathtaking and perfect if you want a luxurious venue. Finally, the rooftop deck is perfect for a cocktail hour and gives 360-degree views of Anacortes. Majestic Inn and Spa is a must see in Skagit Valley.

Indoor Ceremony and Reception: 120
Outdoor Ceremony and Reception: 200 Seated, 300 Standing
Rooftop Deck: 100 Seated, 200 Standing


Stepping Stones Gardens

Stepping Stones Garden is often referred to as the secret garden venue in Skagit County. This beautiful venue is tucked off of Cook road and you could drive right by and not know that all the beauty was just behind a large hedge. The gardens are expansive and the centerpiece is a soaring white tent that is elegant and perfect for a garden wedding. You can find a number of beautiful ceremony locations around the property and there is also a sweet little barn to use for an indoor space during inclement weather.

Outdoor Ceremony and Reception
Capacity: 200 


Greenfield Farm & Gardens

Greenfield Farm & Gardens is another beautiful venue on Fidalgo Island. Their tagline is that they are a rustic venue with a twist and that could not be truer. From the beautiful red barn to the silo that can be used as your bar and a lounge this venue is full of character. Another thing we love about this venue is the proximity to Deception Pass, a beautiful bridge spans the Pacific ocean and makes for a beautiful backdrop for photo and video.

Indoor and Outdoor Ceremony and Reception
Capacity: 200

Photo by Laura Nichols

Big Lake Lodge

If you are looking for a gorgeous space for an intimate wedding Big Lake Lodge may be perfect. Nestled in the hills overlooking Big Lake it is a lovely spot for a wedding or an event. The property offers many spots for pictures and videos and the most unique part is the covered ceremony space that is canopied with hops plants that provide shade and natural beauty

Outdoor Ceremony and Reception
Capacity: 120

If you skimmed: If you are getting married at any of these venues, mention this list when you inquire and you can get $100 off of your film package!
Check back soon for part 2 of our Skagit Wedding Venues Post!

Whatcom County Wedding Venues (Part 2)

Welcome back for part two of our Whatcom wedding venues list. If you find a venue from this page that you love, please let the venue know you found them through Like The River Films! If you are getting married at any of these venues, mention this list when you inquire and you can get $100 off of your film package!

Hotel Bellwether

With the gorgeous views of the harbor and a beautiful lighthouse overlooking the bay the Hotel Bellwether is one of the most elegant venues in Whatcom County. You guest will enjoy the well appointed rooms and onsite dining if they make a weekend of your wedding. The main event space is the perfect combination of industrial and elegant and lends itself to a variety of décor options.
Indoor/Outdoor Event

Capacity: 250 people


bellingham golf club

Bellingham Golf and Country Club

The Bellingham Golf & Country Club offers the a romantic setting for large and small weddings. They have beautifully manicured ground that are a dream for pictures and their grand ballroom has a grand stone fireplace and opens onto a spacious deck. Their services also includes day of assistance and delicious on-site catering.

Indoor/Outdoor Event
Capacity: 200 people


Photo: bellinghamgcc.com

Broadway Hall

Broadway Hall is located on a bluff overlooking the Squalicum Harbor and Bellingham Bay, so the sunsets and the views of the San Juan Islands are out of this world. The gleaming wood floors and soaring ceilings are breathtaking and elegant and a stage is perfect for exchanging vows or for a DJ booth overlooking the dance floor. Broadway Hall is a great venue in Bellingham and if you are looking for a historic place to hold your wedding make sure you check it out.

Indoor Event

Capacity: 280 people

Like the River Film Video: https://vimeo.com/197045312


The Leopold Crystal Ballroom

If you are looking for a venue that feels like you are back in the roaring 20’s look no further than the Leopold Ballroom. The Beautiful chandeliers and the lush carpet is elegant and beautiful. There is no other place in Bellingham that feels so historic and it is perfect for those looking for that Gatsby feel.
Indoor Event
Capacity: 100 people
Photo: Jeff + Rebecca Photography
Depot Market Square
Depot Market Square is nestled in the heart of downtown Bellingham and is perfect for those looking for something more urban. Since you are surrounded by the cute streets of downtown the photo opportunities are endless. The facility includes a 5,200 square foot building with restrooms and a small prep kitchen and a 15,000 square foot courtyard with 8,200 square feet of covered shelters.
Indoor/ Outdoor Event
Capacity: 250 people

Misty River Weddings

Just 30 minutes outside of Bellingham, Misty River Ranch is a private working ranch with an open-air event center. The Ranch is nestled in the valley alongside the Nooksack River in the Mount Baker foothills.  This venue is a nature lovers dream and is beautiful throughout the entire wedding season.

Outdoor Event

Capacity: 150 people



The Majestic Ballroom

This historical building in downtown Bellingham is both elegant and affordable. This two-story building comes with everything you need for a beautiful wedding. From chairs to ceiling décor, they have so much onsite that can help you create your dream wedding. If you have your own design vision in mind they also welcome outside décor and the space is easily transformed to meet your vision.
Indoor Event
Capacity: 200 people
photo: bellinghammajestic.com

MoonDance Inn Bed & Breakfast

This Lakeside Bed and Breakfast is picture perfect. The lush greenery and the lakeview make for a fairytale setting. Their onsite staff works well with couples and vendors to make sure that everything goes smoothly. If you are looking for a intimate wedding venue this might be perfect!

Outdoor Event

Capacity: 100 people
Like the River Films Video: https://vimeo.com/23468444747
Photo: moondancebnb.com
Bellingham Cruise Terminal

The upstairs Dome Room at the cruise terminal is a site to be seen. It overlooks the water and is a gorgeous backdrop for a ceremony or reception. The Dome Room has a spectacular view of Bellingham Bay through floor-to-ceiling windows that curve into a domed ceiling.  Also available is a prep kitchen, sound system, tables and chairs.

Indoor Event

Capacity: 200 people

Like the Rive Films Video: https://vimeo.com/243670977


Zuanich Point Park and Squalicum Boathouse

This 4-acre community park overlooks Squalicum Harbor and is a lovely location for a wedding. At the park is the Squalicum Boathouse, with an open design with high-beamed ceilings, natural woods and stone it is very PNW. This facility offers a large fireplace, full kitchen and buffet area. The oversized windows offer stunning views of Bellingham Bay and Lummi Island.

Indoor Event: 100 people

Indoor/Outdoor Event: 150 people

Like the River Films Video: https://vimeo.com/239907609


Semiahmoo Hotel and Resort

Semiahmoo Resort has everything in one place for your wedding or event. The gorgeous ocean and mountain views are the perfect backdrop for intimate to large-scale weddings and receptions. Their staff is amazing and works to meet every need you could have on your wedding day.

Indoor/Outdoor Event

Capacity: Up to 250 indoor and up to 400 people outdoor


photo: semiahmoo.com

If you find a venue from this page that you love, please let the venue know you found them through Like The River Films!
If you skimmed: If you are getting married at any of these venues, mention this list when you inquire and you can get $100 off of your film package!

Lauren and Tyler Wedding Highlight Film | Hotel Bellwether | Bellingham Wedding Videographer

Lauren and Tyler were the most playful and fun-loving couple. The met and fell in love at Ohio State University and they moved to Washington together and have not stopped having adventures along the way. They are so full of life and love, not just for each other but for all the important people in their lives. It was so much fun to get to know them and film their wedding. Congratulations Lauren and Tyler! As was said at their reception- “may all your troubles be little ones”.

The Lauren and Tyler’s Wedding Team
Cinematography | Like The River Films
Photography | MMR Photography
Day-Of coordination | Lisa Vaughan
Venue Coordinator | Hillary Hunsaker
Ceremony | Reception Venue | Hotel Bellwether
Officiants | Seth Phillips
D.J. | Cature Entertainment
Florist | Natalie Pozie
Equipment Rental | Ever After Events LLC
Makeup Artist | Lauren Bell
Caterer | Ever After Events LLC
Desserts | Barb’s Pies and Pastries

Justin and Kelly Wedding Highlight Film @ Evergreen Gardens. Bellingham Wedding Videogragher

Justin and Kelly Wedding Highlight Film @ Evergreen Gardens

“Remember to the whole world you are one person, but to one person you are the whole world”. This quote from the meaningful ceremony of Justin and Kelly really sums up their wedding day. The way they look at each other you can tell that their worlds are each other and this new adventure of marriage will be full of happiness. Their wedding was held at the beautiful Evergreen Gardens and the couple and their guests danced the night away and enjoyed basking in the glow of this lovely couples. Congratulation Justin & Kelly!

Cinematography | Like The River Films

Photography |Jeff & Rebecca Photography

Day-Of coordination | Whitley Osterhout – Eastwood Events

Ceremony | Reception Venue | Evergreen Gardens

Officiants | Jim Beidle

D.J. | Stephen Peterson from Evergreen Entertainment

Florist | The Backyard Gardener (Kim Zylstra)

Groom’s tux |The Formal House

Caterer | Desserts Market Street Catering

Bellingham Wedding Videogragher

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