What to Know Before Hiring Your Wedding Videographer

Wedding videography may not be a new thing. Videography is an investment, one that we think is worth it if you have the budget. After all is said and done, your wedding photos and film are what you have to remember your day by! Whether you’re interested in hiring a videographer for your wedding or hadn’t considered it yet, we wanted to give you a starting place of what to expect as you begin to browse our portfolio and take meetings with potential suppliers.

Our Favorite Skagit Valley Venues Part 2

Today we are going to finish up our list of venues we love in Skagit County. If you missed the first post check it out here. As with before, if you book one of these venues let us know and you will get $100 off your video package. Vanderveen Farm One of the newer venuesContinue reading “Our Favorite Skagit Valley Venues Part 2”

Wedding Trends To Watch For In 2019

With 2019 is fast approaching, and we know that couples with a 2019 wedding date are already looking ahead to what will be on trend. When you film weddings, you pick up on subtle changes over time, hinting at trend changes that are on the horizon. These are a few of the things we noticedContinue reading “Wedding Trends To Watch For In 2019”

10 Moments You’ll Definitely Want To Include On Your Must-Have Shot List

When you hire a videographer to film your wedding, it’s helpful to clue them into the aspects of your day that are most important to you to make your film exactly everything you’ve dreamed of! These are some of the most essential moments to include on your “must-haves” list, and the best way to relay them toContinue reading “10 Moments You’ll Definitely Want To Include On Your Must-Have Shot List”

Skagit Wedding Tour 2017

Hey guys! Have you ever been to a Wedding Tour before? No? Well, we had never done a wedding tour before either until we had the chance to join the Skagit Wedding Tour this year, so we jumped on it.  If you are unaware of what a wedding tour is you are not alone, originally neitherContinue reading “Skagit Wedding Tour 2017”

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