Keeping Your Wedding Footage Safe

Keeping your memories safe

Data storage isn’t sexy and I am rarely asked about how I store wedding footage. However, protecting your memories is a crucial element in creating your wedding film. 

At the Wedding

Keeping your data safe starts at the wedding. I film with three cameras during the day. All three cameras film simultaneously during the ceremony and speeches. That means there are three copies of the crucial moments. In the unlikely event that any of the cameras malfunction, then there are still two cameras (and multiple microphones) still recording.

If I fill a memory card during the day, then it goes into a wallet-sized waterproof case. It’s small enough to fit in my pocket, and it stays there all day.

After the wedding

The memory cards do not leave my sight until they have been backed up. Copies of every file are made and are stored on my desktop computer. Files are then copied onto two external hard drives. One of which is then stored at an off site location. This ensures that any problems are isolated to just one copy of the files.

After you receive your film

Once I’ve edited and delivered your film, then please make your own copies. Cloud storage is becoming the new norm and options like Google Drive and Dropbox are typically free or inexpensive. Cloud storage is also not susceptible to problems that affect physical storage devices.

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