The Biggest Mistake Couples Make When Hiring A Videographer!!

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When you hire a videographer to capture your big day, you’re already avoiding the #1 regret most couples have about their wedding. But you’re not completely out of the woods yet! Unless you’re having a small, intimate wedding, the most common regret we hear from couples that hire a videographer is when their filming team consisted of only one filmer. A single videographer package often comes with a tempting price reduction but also some serious compromises!

One Videographer Can’t Be In Two Places At Once

This snag usually hits first thing – even before the ceremony! During pre-wedding prep, it is nearly impossible for one videographer to capture great footage of all parties. Often times, couples are getting ready at the same time totally different locations, making it difficult for a single videographer to catch all of the awesome moments. Keep in mind these moments are some of the most special to look back on, filled with anticipation and excitement for the day ahead.

OneVideographer Just Can’t Do It All

When you only have one person in charge of capturing your entire wedding on film, they are going to concentrate their efforts on what’s most important. Of course, they will follow your “must-haves” and do their best to get footage of all of the details they can, but some of the little moments that happen at the same time as your big moments won’t get on camera! Think little candid moments between your guests, B-roll shots of the venue and surrounding landscape, or some details not on your “must-haves” list like your photo booth or dessert table.

One Videographer Can’t Capture Multiple Angles

The best way to highlight the importance of having multiple angles is to imagine the moment you walk down the aisle. Do you want your single videographer to focus on the look on your face or the look on your spouse’s face? Then, as you recite your vows, imagine having two videographers posted in two inconspicuous spots capturing every touching moment vs. one videographer scrambling around your ceremony to try and grab every shot.

Two Videographer Capture Higher Quality

One of the best things about having multiple videographers is that when your film reaches the editing stage, there are multiple shots and extended footage to choose from. This allows your team to craft your wedding day into a true cinematic event. Your favorite films from when you were browsing for inspiration online definitely utilized at least two videographers, and aerial!

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