4 Tips for Writing Wedding Love Letters

AdobeStock_75164151.jpegYou and your partner probably won’t have a ton of time to chat before meeting at the altar on the day of your wedding, but you can exchange love notes. We often encourage our couples to write wedding love letters to each other. We then record them reading it and use that audio to craft the storyline for their film.

Your wedding day is a life-changing moment in your life. It’s will be one in which you will spend the rest of your life thinking about. By Incorporating this audio into your wedding film is one way we do that.

Vows are important for remembering your promises, but often don’t capture the way you were feeling that day and time. Toasts are great for remembering how others were feeling. But love letters help you remember how you were feeling.

If you’re considering writing a wedding love letter for your film, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

This age-old tradition helps warm even the coldest feet and leaves couples with souvenirs more priceless than extra wedding favors. If you’re having trouble writing yours, use these tips as your guide.

AdobeStock_214441448.jpeg1. REMINISCE ABOUT YOUR STORY

It might seem redundant, but retelling your story over and over is important. This intentional act solidifies the history you’ve built with your partner in your heart and mind.

Consider recalling emotions you were feeling the day you met your significant other or went on your first date. Proposals are significant events that you might want to document in your letter. It could be as simple as a memory from a trip you took together or the experience of planning your wedding. All these moments make up your story and have brought you to this day.

AdobeStock_199653944.jpeg2. USE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES

To capture a moment in time it’s essential to use specific examples. It’s easy to think, “I’ll never forget that,” but as time passes, it becomes difficult to remember the small details. Try to identify time, place, what you were doing, what you were thinking and how it made you feel. These details bring together a fuller, sweeter memory. See the example below:

Sentence 1: You’re the only one for me.

Sentence 2: After that night we sat in my car in front of your house and talked about everything under the sun for hours on end, I remember thinking he/she is the one I want to spend the rest of my days.

Cheerful couple playing in bed3. ADD AN INSIDE JOKE OR TWO

The best letters make you feel all kinds of emotions—including laughter! It could be a nickname you have for each other, your favorite song or TV show quote, or a moment that perfectly depicts your fiancé’s personality. Paint the most authentic picture of your story as possible.

Watch other videos to get ideas, but don’t feel pressure to copy. When your words are from the heart, they will mean the most. The best part about everyone’s story and writing style are how different and unique they can be.

brides wedding party in the elegant restaurant with a wonderful light and atmosphere


Looking forward to your life after marriage is just as important as remembering the past. Imagine what you hope your family will look like 20 years down the road. This will be sweet moment years down the road when you revisit your film.

Your wedding film is an investment for the future so ask yourself, “In 20 years, what will I want to remember about our story?” Writing wedding love letters, allows you to customize exactly what you want to remember.


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