5 Creative Ways to Make Your Grand Entrance Memorable

Rich or Poor, there are so many creative and fun ways to arrive at your reception in style.

Why have a “Normal” grand entrance at your wedding reception when you can have an extraordinary one? After all, it is your big day!! It doesn’t matter if you have an unlimited budget or you don’t have a ton to spare,  Here are at 5 ways you can arrive at your wedding reception in style.

1. A Flash Mob Entrance with your wedding party

What better way to surprise your guests than with a flash mob only your wedding party knows about? Regina Osgood, the owner of Meant2Be Events, had a couple that decided to go this route and it was a huge hit. “The bridal party was allowed to enter just as they normally would, but they were in on what happened next,” she tells us. “Once the bride and groom were announced, the DJ changed the song, cueing the full ballroom of guests to come to the dance floor where the flash mob began. Everyone talked about it all night long!”  (Brides.com) 

LEARN THE DANCE HERE: https://youtu.be/bP5_5KIqiMA

2. Romantic Dance Performance on the Projections Screen

Entertain the guest with a romantic entrance by creating your own dancing silhouette on the projection screen.  With all the lights turned off, give a romantic performance behind the curtain and then continue it to the dance floor.  It will surely look romantic and pleasing to all. (Everafterguide.com)


       3. Use a “built-in” grand entrance

  1. “Many catering halls have dramatic entrances built in, such as coming up through the floor in a glass elevator or doing a stage curtain entrance,” point out Lynn Jawitz, owner of Florisan Wedding and Event Design in NYC.


4. Human Tunnel

  1. It’s another fun idea where the bride and groom through a human tunnel made by their bride party from the entrance to the floor.  A fun song played by the DJ would give it a nice musical touch.  To make it more unique, the bridal party can also enter this way too!


5. Get some sparklers

  1. “If your entrance is outside and after dark, super long wedding sparklers can make a really spectacular picture as you dance your way through them to the real dance floor to do your first dance,” says seasoned wedding planner Sandy Malone of Weddings in Vieques.


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