Come To a Wedding Tour?

If you are getting married and you have a hard time picturing what your wedding day will really look like you should check out your local wedding tour.

5th Annual Skagit Wedding Tour Directions:

If you have never been to a wedding tour they are a ton of fun for everyone. Wedding Tours give couples and their friends a chance to visit many unique wedding venues and get a ton of ideas for your wedding. It’s a chance for engaged couples and their friends to get some of their wedding day questions answered by real wedding professionals in a relaxed environment. Couples get to talk with pros from equipment rental companies, wedding photographers, and videographers to food vendors that specialize in everything from wedding cakes to your wedding dinner.

We have been a part of a few over the years. I feel bad saying that we love them more than bridal shows for the simple reason they are a bit more of an adventure. Our clients get to wander around beautiful places drinking a glass of wine with the love of their life with music playing in the background.  Can you picture it? Safe to say it is a real blast. But as a videographer, one of my favorite things to do is to film each venue because it gives me a chance to see venues that I have never been to and find those little special places at each location that I can use in my client’s films. It’s like a recon mission.Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 11.19.50 PM.png

This year we were have partnered with three wedding tours. They were Wedding in Woodinville (which was voted the Best wedding tour in Washington state), Whatcom Wedding Tour (which is our local wedding tour) and on September 30, 2018, we will be helping host the 2018 Annual Skagit Wedding Tour at the Bertelsen Winery.

At the 2018 Annual Skagit Wedding Tour, anyone can visit all 6 of Skagit Valley’s Best Wedding venues (In my opinion). So if you are looking to see all the fun, you can bring your entire bridal party because this year the tickets are FREE for everyone to celebrate its 5th year anniversary, brides and all.

The venues on the this year’s tour are:

Bertelsen Winery

Big Lake Lodge

Chuckanut Gardens

The Majestic Inn and Spa

Stepping Stones Gardens

Vanderveen Farms

We are at Bertelsen Winery, so come down and try a glass of wine. Take a tour of the place and see if it’s a place that could work for your wedding day. While you are there if you have any questions,  please stop by and see us and all of our wedding pro friends and we will take care of you.

We hope to see you there. You can get your tickets online at 5th Annual Skagit Wedding Tour Tickets and bring your whole bridal party.

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