Skagit Wedding Tour 2017

Hey guys! Have you ever been to a Wedding Tour before? No?

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Well, we had never done a wedding tour before either until we had the chance to join the Skagit Wedding Tour this year, so we jumped on it.  If you are unaware of what a wedding tour is you are not alone, originally neither did we.  A Wedding tour is when a group of venues invite different wedding pros over and invite the community in to see what a wedding at the venue would look like.  It’s a low-pressure practice run for the venue and the wedding pros.  We get to talk with couples looking to get married and they get to see what we do and decide if it is something they would be interested in.  So a win-win.

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This year we had a chance to be at Big Lake Lodge wedding and event center located in beautiful Skagit Valley.  This is a small to medium size wedding venue.  They can accommodate up to 125 guests but their average wedding is about 75 guest.  It is a beautiful, intimate place with amazing views.

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We were joined by other wedding pros like Frozen Sentiments Photography with her photo booth, Mot’s Alterations, Paper’s Edge (specializing in paper flowers which is something we had never seen before), and Shambala Bakery.

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Ok, I normally don’t rave about many things but Shambala Bakery and Bistro has some of the most delicious food I have every tried.  Now, I am a proud meat eater and this place caters to the gluten-free, vegetarians, vegan folks out there but the food was WOW!  I know, hard to believe but it’s true.  They had a chocolate, gluten free cupcake with a light, fluffy and rich coconut creme frosting.  Oh, don’t get me started on the coconut creme frosting.  Oh, well I have started already.  It was so awesome, the owner said we should add it to our coffee.  Since I have tried many different things in coffee I was game.


Skagit Wedding Tour 2017 - Big lake Lodge (9 of 9).jpgOh, that was the tastiest coffee I have EVER had.  And get this the coffee was Uban (for you that don’t know the brand, it the cheapest coffee known to man.  It’s right up there with Folgers) so it was the coconut creme that made that coffee great again.  It is safe to say that if you don’t go for the food you got to try the coconut creme in your coffee.  And don’t feel weird other people have done the same.

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It was more fun than I thought it would have been.  We have been invited to do another Wedding Tour in Whatcom County next month and this year we are that the Shuksan Golf Course.  So if you haven’t been on a wedding tour you should try one close to you.  The Whatcom County Tour is June 11th 2017.  Here is a link ( for more information….

Bellingham Wedding Videographer

We also had a Date night giveaway for every guest that entered our drawing. Here is a video of the Winning ticket.  A dinner for two at Trumpeters Public House.

Well until next time, take care and I hope to see you at the Whatcom Wedding Tour 2017.


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