We capture weddings, without invading them.

Many couples talk about how their wedding went by in a flash.  The best moments of your wedding aren’t staged; they happen naturally, and they like to hide. You need a videographer who can blend into the background, and then pounce like a ninja to get you that shot. Simply put we love capturing the small moments that make each wedding special.

What We Do:

  • Capture what is happening organically, those little moments you are missing.
  • Jump in to direct you, just from time to time, when a good video op presents itself.
  • Create a timeless film that you’ll be happy to show your children, and their children one day.

What We don’t do:

  • Make you miss 2 hours of your wedding day to produce a film that you’ll never look at.
  • Take footage that is forced, out of character, that doesn’t feel like you.
  • Intrude on your wedding!

We are focused on bringing people a high-quality cinematic film which captures the sights and sounds of their life. We believe that everyone should have access to a high-quality film of one of their most important day.


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